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Jute is a natural vegetable fiber with golden silky shine color and soft textured which is also termed “The Golden Fiber”. The skin or fiber of the jute plant is spun into coarse and strong thread. The fabric made from jute is also known as Hessian or Burlap. The very fine jute threads are used for making imitation silk. Bangladesh is one of the largest producer and exporter of jute in the world. The main jute weaved products manufactured in Bangladesh are - coarse material for sacking, food grade agro bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, floor mats, ropes, twines etc.

Green Destiny is a new name in the jute market of Bangladesh. We believe in best quality and service. It is true that a new team is always dedicated to show its performance to achieve the remarkable position and when it is achieved the team always tries to satisfy its customer and consumes in the long run.

We are on the way to see us an established team to fulfill your demand by our dedication and commitment.



Our talented staffs work for you to find jute made natural products that bring out your personal style.

We are always at your service to supply best quality products of jute for your personal, home or business purpose use. 


We are happy to give you jute products like jute bags, hessian cloth, hessian bags, sacking cloth, sacking bags, Food grade/VOT (Vegetable oil treated) hessian or sacking bags, Standard B. Twill etc. that brings out the best in your own unique style. You'll be amazed at how affordable our pieces can be, too.

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Your Suggestions and comments always inspire us.

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